Selected publications

Detailing the ways in which specific criteria affect the status of men and women across 14 nations.

Do pride and shame differentially track universal status criteria?

How do different muscle groups factor into men’s bodily attractiveness?

How fast and automatic are human formidability assessment mechanisms?


Information about current research programs


Differential Mechanism Parameterization and Individual Differences

A project page for my research program on differential mechanism parameterization and individual differences.

Emotions and Hierarchy Navigation

Project page for my research program on emotions and hierarchy navigation

Human Status Criteria

A project page for the Human Status Criteria Project.


Unsolicited writings

I love data visualization. My initial forays into data vizualization led me to the package ggplot2, which seems to be quickly becoming …

There are a lot of ways to do correlations in R (I use corr.test most of the time), but I just found out about the function, …

I’m planning to make a (semi-)weekly habit of learning a new thing in R (e.g., a function, an analysis, a feature) and writing a brief …

My first ever blog post on my first ever blog.