satRdays: basic data visualization

I love data visualization. My initial forays into data vizualization led me to the package ggplot2, which seems to be quickly becoming the standard in the R community (or at least the one I see most often). When I first started using it, the syntax seemed pretty daunting (all the aes and geom_whatever arguments were confusing to me), but I was motivated enough by some pretty examples and helpful documentation to hack through other people’s code and make my own plots.

satRdays: a snarky correlation function

There are a lot of ways to do correlations in R (I use corr.test most of the time), but I just found out about the function, correlation, from the psycho package and it might be my new favorite. I give a quick tutorial of it here (see the The Psycho Blog for the developers’ tutorial). Tutorial If you’re following along, you’ll need to install the package from github: # install.

satRdays: an introduction

I’m planning to make a (semi-)weekly habit of learning a new thing in R (e.g., a function, an analysis, a feature) and writing a brief overview/tutorial of it. This will be the first of the series. I couldn’t find any evidence that a blog series1 of of this name exists (let me know if I’m wrong), but it seems like a fairly obvious R pun; maybe most people have better things to do than blog on Saturdays…