Data visualization basics

I love data visualization. My initial forays into data vizualization led me to the package ggplot2, which seems to be quickly becoming the standard in the R community (or at least the one I see most often). When I first started using it, the syntax seemed pretty daunting (all the aes and geom_whatever arguments were confusing to me), but I was motivated enough by some pretty examples and helpful documentation to hack through other people’s code and make my own plots.


In this post I’ll list and describe some of my favorite resources for learning R (R-esources?). There are already so many amazing resources for learning R scattered across the interwebs that this will likely go unnoticed. But if even one person learns something about R from my haphazard explanations and dry humor, then it would be worth it. Before learning R, I had zero experience with any sort of coding (I never had a myspace, so I hadn’t even played around with html).